brisbane 2012

Monday, February 14, 2011

happy valentine's day

well just in case you are an incurable romantic...have a lovely valentine's day..if you are lucky your significant other might remember to at least verbalize that..I made David a rather raunchy card! He did remember to wish me a happy day so I guess I am luckier than others. I know Valentine's Day smacks of commercialism in a huge way but..it is still nice to be recognized. Tho ..a set of diamond earrings would be delicious. Maybe in my next life . That would be the life where i come back as a size six..blonde..full lipped Goddess. They seem to get all the best gigs in this life.They don;\'t have to be very smart either. Oh well ..that was rather bitter but hey. I am off to take my real sweetheart to school..he is tall, handsome and still takes the time to tell his Mummy that she is special so really I will have a lovely day.

My walk this morning was lovely..cool and very upbeat by the time i got home. smile and definately tell someone you love them today of all days. xx coco  

Sunday, February 13, 2011

great night out !!

My friend Marlena kindly asked me to go along with a group of girls for a meal last night. I hadn't met most of the girls but we soon got chatting and ordered the Banquet ..we were at Kam's Chinese Restaurant. I ordered my first Jim Beam and off we went. My laughing muscles got a work out and for the second week in a row had a great night out.I felt dressed up and included. I must admit to feeling quite lonely and lost for the last two years since moving here. The last two weeks I thought maybe i have made a breakthrough and a baby step into making this place home. ...for a while anyway.

Today I  making two cards ..a wedding  for commission and Valentines Card for David for tomorrow. That one is a bit raunchy..cause i can. The wedding one is coming a long very nicely . It's red, white and black. I have to say I work a lot in those colours but these colours were requested so I am off and going.

Tom is having a relaxing day. David and Tom went to the outdoor theatre to watch "Gulliver's Travels..I loove Jack Black .i will get it on DVD  . Tom has a new song to practice on his guitar..Pink Floyd..yep that's a blast from the past .

Dave and I went for a coffee this morning at 202. We have been trying to get some time for the two of us as sometimes through the working week we don't catch up much. It was lovely. We had a look through  the shops and held hands. AWWW !!

Well Dave is washing my car..the Goddess was a little muddy and he is kindly washing the bugs off. I have to get back to my cards so have a lovely Sunday..cheesy pasta for tea and fresh peaches ..yummo xx Tell someone you love them today and enjoy the beautiful day xx

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


hi there guys,

back again..just getting over a horrible bout of gastro. lots of tummy pains . yuk. been sleeping a bit the last few days. we had to come home early from Mildura the other day. It was Dave's first day off for a very long time and he took us away just because..lol. We had lunch which i soon regretted. We took a look round the shops, got the last coupla school supplies for Tom for his return to school Monday. I got a new pair of black 3/4 pants as they are my standard uniform these days and I had a very quick doddle in K Mart. The boys had Cold Rock icecream on the way home and I just felt jealous but I don't think my stomach would have appreciated that deluge.
Tom has made his return to school without too many complaints. He seems to have grown up over the holidays both in height and attitude. He returned to cricket practice and music lessons with much vigor.
Our friends the Myer family lost their Dad,  Phil  recently and I have been working on a card for them. Our hearts go out to them all in this most difficult time.

I have just spoken to Mum on the phone..Hi Katie if you are stopping by. Mum has been busy with her quilting and enjoying getting her list of UFO's finished. Well done. I have mending to do that has sat in the laundry for the whole of the school holidays. My goal is to get that done quick smart. I have been invited out on Saturday night to tea..which is the second week in a row.Lucky me. Looking forward to meeting another new group of girls for tea and a catch up. Dave and Tom are off to the outdoor cinema so all's good. Gulliver's travels I think .

Well i must go and have a quick shower and tidy up a bit more. Lots of love. Cherish your loved ones and kiss someone delicious today xx coco

Monday, February 7, 2011


hi there bloggers, 

well 2011 has certainly come with a bang. Australia has been hit with floods, bushfires, storms, cyclones and has been very ferocious. I am personally over it all. I would like normaility to reign. So many in our communities have lost so much . 

I spent a lot of last year avoiding blogging and yet sitting here today I am anxious to keep my diary and display my cards ...so I am much enthused and hope to keep you all very up to date this year. It is a fine way to keep in contact with my friends and as much as I am a frequent facebooker .. i actually think blogging is a more intimate way of keeping people up to date with my life. 

I have enrolled in a class to work on my own canvas. something i have dabbled at but wanted to learn more about. It is an intimate class size and the artist is positive and enthusiastic. Her name is Leonie and the class should be in the next month or so. Leonie runs a small business and teaches art on the weekends. Hopefully the skills i learn will enable me to use my collage style to put my art on a canvas  as well as continue my cards. 

Tom has returned to school today and the thought of routine and organisation again is actually refreshing to my soul. I  wish to continue my weight loss journey and hopefully re enter the part time work force this year. I would still like to study ..but the timing just wasn't quite right towards the end of last year. My head was a bit dark and so i will put that wish aside for a little while longer. When the time is right..it will be right. For now i have some mini goals and I will take it a step at a time. 

Dave is very busy, the flood situation in Victoria has certainly consumed much of January . I am proud of his efforts and he has certainly acquired a lot of knowledge and understanding of a very serious situation which has affected our community . 

Well I must sign off for now. I have been a bit ill over the last few days and I feel a little queasy again. I hope you are all fit and well and happy. 
Lots of love 

Coco xx