brisbane 2012

Monday, April 26, 2010

what a gorgeous day!!

hi there bloggers,

well what a pretty day. but.. i am in the mood for some"dungeon "time . That now actually makes me laugh because i have recently read that dungeon and goddess are actually S& M terms. I use these two words a lot .. i also go on about vanilla a lot and that too is a double meaning. Oh well. I am not into the other so i will just have to continue using them in my own context. Can't see me in leather and stilletos with a whip... can you?? nah!!
Maybe the shoes but seriously I hope you like the latest card which is pictured above. I dug into my vintage button box and used an old belt which I altered.
Lots of Tim - my darling mentor- I so... love his products. I love the tiny attacher.. I am in staple heaven. I actually think a long arm stapler would be cool so Tim if you are stopping by .. please . It would be very handy in my kit.. still with the tiny staples.

I have got my sewing machine out today too.. i have lots of repairs and alterations to do. Tom goes into his formal winter uniform next week and i need to alter two apirs of pants . I bought a pair of satin pj 's and well suffice to say..I am a big girl but the pants would fit Nigella Lawson and myself in them . Not an option really. Chop Chop.

I have some orders to do and also some cards for sale so ... I am a busy busy girl.

Well music is on and I am off. Hope you liked my creation. xx kiss someone delicious today. LOve someone special and keep smiling xx

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lest We Forget

Good Morning,

Today is ANZAC day here in Australia. Dave , Tom and I went to the Dawn Service here in Swan Hill.
Thomas turned twelve this year and as a very generous guesture by the keeper of memories in our family Dave's sister Monica , has passed the medals of her Pa to Thomas. His name was Thomas Bernard Leahy . Thomas wore those medals today to the dawn service with great pride and I must say with a large amount of dignity.
We were very proud of how he obseved the occasion with respect.

The service was lovely and I shed a tear when the bugal was played. (Tom's science teacher was the musician)

We have strong military ties in our family .We trust that Thomas will now honour Thomas Bernard and all the other men and woman for which we thank for our freedom every year and Lest We Forget.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

hello ...

hi there bloggers, it's been a while again...

isn't is interesting the sounds of daily life when you sit in a silent room without ther cd player, or t.v going or a movie on the laptop.
What can you hear??

I can hear the sound of the garbage truck thumping and stop starting. I can hear my dishwasher grinding around and i can hear a clock ticking. The odd tweet of a bird and the hum of my laptop.

I haven't really stopped to think about that before. Life is amazing.

I have the most beautiful array of roses in my garden and it is such a pleasure taking the scissors out and picking some for a vase in my house. The colours are amazing, Tom brought me a divine black red rose into my room the other day. It was a tight bud and now it has opened into the most perfect rose. The smell is intoxicating and I love it. He is a beautiful boy.

Tom had some R E homework last night where he was making a mask of a lion's face. The theme was Father , he had to think of some words that best described his dad. Loyal, kind, generous, intelligent, funny ... the list went on. It is lovely that kids are helped at school to appreciate people in their life , especially his Dad , who sometimes is busy with work but always impacts on how decisions are made by Tom. He is growing into a lovely man. God Bless him.

I am a struggling a bit for inspiration for my cards at the moment. I don't know if it is just toomany ideas in my head or I have to reorganise my thoughts into a book or just maybe go through my stamps and have a good look. I think maybe the latter. I must get a box and lay them out and source some ideas, i fall into the trap of only using my favourite ones sometimes wheras I think if i re look i will see more inspiration.

well people i am going to be busy today. i have lots of things i want to achieve. Tonight is play time, Dave has Council so i have several free hours. I just have to figure what is for tea. I wish I had someone to make that call for me every day. Oh well ...

Smile, kiss someone delicious today and tell someone how much they mean to you .
To my friends who are now all at a distance... you fill my heart with love and joy and I am truly blessed to have you in my life . XX coco

Monday, April 12, 2010

weekend with sandie

hi there guys,

what a lovely weekend we had when darling Sandie came for a play date.

She arrived on Friday, in the rain, but safe and sound. We dropped Tom of at Sam's Birthday party and got fish and chips for tea. Tom had a great time , he has finally made a mate and I don't think wanted to come home.
I made a lovely apple streusal topped cake...yummo , ask Sandie??

We had a great natter and I got the bestest present. Sandie bought me a Tim Holtz , Book of Curiosities. Personalised to Coco and the strangest thing.. I had also ordered a book for myself. Tim realised I had done this and realised Sandie had purchased one too , he e-mailed Sandie and sorted for her copy to go to her and I got a refund. The amazing thing is , we are talking about Tim Holtz..my mentor and art hero. YES TIM HOLTZ. He took the time out of his day to make that conncection and act out of extreme kindness not to ruin the surprise for me. I am truly touched.. he is a very, very , very busy man and my appreciation is GREAT. I am now the proud owner of my book and Sandie has had the pleasure of e-mailing the man himself. Thankyou Sandie and cococuddles to Tim for the great present. The masks were fabulous too. !!

we had a lazy saturday with some homecooked yummy food and then on Sunday made the trip to Bendigo to see our darling Kathryn.
We had lunch and laughs at the Boardwalk restaurant on Weeroona Lake and then off to do some shopping. House, Autograph, Big W, a wow factor handbag and hat shop and then Riot Art supplies. Woo Hoo ! we then got tgo see where Kat lives and we nearly had an extra hairy , very cute visito when Pixie jumped in the car with Dave.

Sandie is now home safe and sound getting ready for her kids classes tomorrow so a big thanks for a lovely weekend. Wish i had bought those glasses at house Sandie!!

i will attempt some photos too xxx lots love coco

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

cards and more cards- aaaah!! fun

hi there bloggers,
don't you just love studio time. i have been getting some time as we are in school holidays. tom is on the Wii and reading, drawing and is about to take Esse for a walk. I have been lost in colour , paper and ribbon. I am having a ball.
I have rediscovered a few things whilst looking for the right embellishment. My big sort of my patterned paper has been very theraputic and like a treasure hunt. I have done a lot of oh and aahhing as i have been reorganising.
In between i have cleaned some carpet spots, tidied the kitchen, painted the skirting boards in the toilet!! yes that was a real treat..not!! . i have sorted the medicine chest and worked out a re stock is needed. I have done almost all of the laundry and now need a shower and something to eat.
Hope you like my artwork. I need to get photoshop and get myself a watermark so i can keep my designs credited to me. Please help if you can with that one people!!
well must go and have a long soak. love ya lots xx oh donna, next card is going to be a kimmie hun!! watch this space. xx

Sunday, April 4, 2010

more pics ..on a roll now hee hee

well here are a few more pics of the house. the walls are looking bright and fresh, but warm. i have my ribbon embroideries up again..i have missed them . the pictures make everything look a wee bit red but in real life the balance is good. we need a picture for the couch wall that has the london cushions, i will know when i see it. anyway, hope you like seeing what we have bein doing for awhile. dave is an absolute champion. he will be gld to put the paint tins away for a while.
later in the year we will do the wet areas and hopefully early next year the kitchen..followed by my outdoor study. if we win cross lotto ...sooner . huh!!
lots of love xx coco

easter 2010

hi there guys,
Easter weekend has been very pleasant . We still have a whole day to go and we are getting so much achieved yet still relaxing.
We have had fish and chips by the rive, painted our bedroom and I have had some creative time. The boys have played golf and Tom is watching a doco at the moment on Badgers. He has lots of choccies and some great new jim jams. A new DS game and some what clean bedroom !!
David has hung pictures and naked trees!! He has drunk some wine and just had cheese and biccies . It all sounds great.
Tomorrow we will paint the toilet and tidy the laundry. I have don a staggering 7 loads of washing but that is beds, towels, lots of business attire and lots of socks!! I went to hang out the washing last night and my bigeest fear .. i took a step and a spider crawled over my foot. F***@@@K. I did not enjoy that at all.
My poor wee Mum has whooping cough. I had it a few years ago and it is crap. I feel so sorry for her and wished we lived closer.
I have finally installed my camera disk to my laptop and so hopefully will be able to share some pics with you. No particular topic. Just random. Leave me a comment if you need an explanation.
Well people I will go. Have a great Easter Monday. It has been nice to spend it togehter we three leahys . xxx love you all, all over this great land xx coco