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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Happy Happy Happy

As many of you know I wear my silver jewlery quite a lot. Dave wanted to buy me something for my fortieth birthday last year and so when we went to Mildura for a day out I found this lovely silver ring to wear on my wedding finger as when I wear my silver I didn't have a ring for my wedding finger. It is like a half a square ball. It looks like the balls in Rundle Mall, smooth and shiny. Well when we moved from our rental house to our new home in late November I realised I couldn't find my ring. I looked everywhere turning out coat pockets and handbags and drawers and little jars etc. Well today is a great day as I have been doing the huge task of cleaning out my patterend paper. A job I have needed to do for a very long time. Dave was painting our cupnaords in the next room and I am in the sudy under a mountain of paper. There at the very bottom of the wicker basket which is two foot long and very deep was my ring. It must have fallen off the desk into the basket . If could turn a cartwheel I would.

Have a great day xx

It has been a while!

hi there bloggers,

Well it s finally holiday time again for Thomas. First term at highschool seems to have gone well. Reports were good and he is happy. He has an invitation to a Birthday party in the holidays and we are pleased for him.

We decorated Tom's room whilst he was on camp. It looks great and he was very surprised. he says it feels like home and after looking in there tonight at a big boy mess he must be comfortable there.

Dave has been busy today painting our room. We will complete it next weekend when we do the feature wall. We have to do some more doors and frames throughout the house. It is slowly taking shape and looking clean and refreshed.

Dave has been very busy and was kind enough to re shuffle to allow me to go to the opening of Sandie and Janes new store in Naracoorte. The shop is very pretty and has lots of Tim Holtz products and somje stock which is unusual and new. I am proud of the girls and hope it is a success for them.

I cooked a lovely casserole tonight and a chocolate cake for dessert. Ihave been thinking of cake for days and finally got around to it. Yummo tea and was a popular Mummy tonight!!

My poor wee mum is poorly. She sounds like she has swallowed a squeaky door and a thunderstorm. She has had a week off of work and these are the times that living six hours away is crap.

Mum had a lovely 60th Birthday celebration. We have bought her tickets to Mary Poppins the musical in melbourne in August, i am looking for ward to that very much. The party went really well it was lovely to see her friendas which are so much like family to me it was great.

Tom and I are having a jammie day Monday. I have to concentrate on the study and Tom has free reign to play all day, watch movies eat popcorn etc. He has to get an injection on Monday night and so we will have to get dressed to go out but he has a play date on Tues. Looking forward to that as I am friends with Mitch's mum and Dave knows his Dad . That might work out to be a nice friendship.

I watched a great movie yesterday called Catch and Release. It stars jennifer Garner. It is lovely. One I know I will watch over and over. $8.99 in Target . Gotta love those.

Well it's time to try to go back to sleep again. I will try to load some photos on as I don't hav any on the blog other than my naked friend. Made my friend Davey a card with this image. It is a borrowed picture and I am unanware of the artist so cannot acknowledge them But thanks, I t is very artistic and I have named him Porter. WTF !!

well goodnight , back to my newly painted room, sleep and new jobs tomorrow. Is it just me or do you feel awkward typing when yur nails are long and oretty...see I cannot spell with them. I am putting stuff on them called Ceramic Gllaze , wonderful and my nails are soooo long.
Not bad for a nail biter of many years.

Nighty nite xx love to my friends near and far.

xx Coco