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Friday, January 22, 2010

when i was a little girl!!

HOwdy people,

Just popped into town to check the mail and pick up Tom's book s for school. I had a little wander up the street and did a few jobs, as it is about 40 degrees Tom had elected to stay home so I was quite enjoying a little donder on my own. I went to priceline for some mouthwash and toothpaste etc . I popped into 218degrees for a look at their cool range of Icon jewlerry and got Tom a big box of Derwent pencils and an artist pad to add to his Birthday presents , for next week, from the newsagent.

Next stop was the postoffice I had a little note that I had a parcel. I couldnt remember anything outstanding so when I opened it up I got a big surprise. Inside was a letter fom my Mum and a Cd of and African group called Ipimtombi.
When I was a little girl as a lot of you would know I was fortunate enough to have a dad that got top travel the world. There are not many countries that he had not visited and I was fortunate to travel on a trip with him and Mum in 1977. I travelled from UK to Norway, Belgium, Brisbane, Tasmania, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, USA, and lots of beautiful blue ocean inbetween. I was home schooled on board the ship and got to live in the ship's hospital, a single room with ensuite and view.
I look at that time in my life as very fortunate indeed. I saw other cultures, lived in a setting where knowing flags of the world and location as a daily education.
I can remember so much about that time away. I already had the distinct difference to my classmates as living in a hotel and meeting people from all over the UK. I saw life through eyes of a child but so vastly different from the farming community around me.
The world travels gave me a gift so huge ... to love people from all over. We have always had lots of friends from different places and colours and cultures. I just want to say I am thankful for that.
To be honest I couldnt wait to get into my car and pop the cd into my player. I let the aircon cool me as the sounds of my childhood flooded back. I heard music that seemed to fill me with memories of timeds much different from know. The south african tunes and chants made me feel like I was a world traveller. I can remember this music when Mum and Dad had people over and the lounge room was fuul of people up dancing and being free and having fun. I can remember Mum playing this music shen she was cleaning the house on her day off. It had to be on very loud.. just how i like most of my music. I can remember the saddness and happiness in the voices of the singers and indeed feeling part of their emotional journey.
Before very long I realised that I was crying. I am not sure what about. A time lost.. a time of joy. It was a realisation that i was a grown up and even since Ian and my Mum have got divorced that in amongst some not so happy times I felt the tunes telling me I had some fun times too.
Mostly the music reminded me of Mum, she so loved to play the record we had. I think the recoeding we had was the original group from the 70's asnd this one is a bit more recent. However some of the songs I knew still took me to a place I have not visited in a long while.

It is amazing how words, smells, music , taste and indeed perfume can take you on a mental journey back in time. The colour of a piece of paper, the texture of someones curtains and the music playing is like you have stepped into Dr Who's tardis and whisked you away. Dreams... times gone by and memories only you have. Wow. Thanks mum, I think they were tears of joy really .... I will treasure the cd, you are very clever to have found it and I am sure Ann will love it too. It was such a surprise .

Boy I really do think it is well overdue that I write a book....just to capture those times for Thomas if nothing else. A book doesnt have to be published to be a book. Maybe that can be a 2010 venture.

Hope you are all having a great day. I had a great weekend at Naracoorte last wekend. Thankyou to Sandie and Joe for the hospitality but get some Mars Bars in that bar fridge for next time.LOL . We bought an extrordinary amount of Coonawarra wine.OOPS might just have to drink it. Ha Ha . Dave is quite proud of himself. Tom and the boys had a ball . He did not want to come away from visting with Adam, Josh and Tom H. He missed Sam but I have promised him another visit soon. Thanks to Trina and Craig for refreshing Tom's soul and giving him hope of finding dome friends here. We love you all and love those kids like our own. Tom was thrilled to catch Brandon and I think the feeling was mutual. We have left a lot behind in Naracoorte but hope to always visit and be welcome.
I am off to keep working on the study. I so want to create and its time to be doing so.
Love to all. Thanks to Sue for visiting and Trish...your work is such an inspiration!!
To rose lipped maidens

Coco x oh and by the way. Tim Holtz is a genius and I am going to be poor forever if he brings out anymore product this year lol xx

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

wow!! time goes so quickly!

hey there people,

time seems to be racing by again, we are already a week into the new year. i have been lucky enough to get a new laptop and so i have ready access to keeping my blog updated. i was just thumbing through some disks of photos and came across my P!NK disk from my birthday last year. a couple of you said you had missed the pink hair thing i did...silly girl . and so thought i would pop it on so you could see it. took me three expensive trips to melinda my lovely hairdresser to get my blond back. lol anyway i will post it.

tom and i are going to meet dave for lunch today. when we get home we might put the pool up we bought before christmas. under the cooleroo and wallowing like two beached whales seems like a way to keep cool. that is if i can prise tom off the Wii console. he loooves it.

we are hoping to make a trip to naracoorte in the next couple of weeks though we have to confirm reservations at Hotel Mudge ..once the receptionist gets back from swanning around on the beach. Tom is anxious to see his mates and well so am i. it will only be a couple of nites but its better than nothing.

i have bought some neat jewelry from the surf shop 218 degrees here in swan hill. it is all metal and its called the icon range. it is so cool. the bracelet i bought is made from an old key, bent to go round the curve of your wrist and secured by red leather. the necklace is an antique silver colour and hanging off the chain is a silver chair. it is so cool. i will post a pic . it has all sorts of symbolisms and explained on the labels. i will be looking for more of that...it is right up my alley.

i am in the throws of sorting out my new dungeon!!

oh my goodness, what a task of love that is. i have to fit a whole room of crap into half a room. but its only temporary as well will hopefully put my shed up when the cooler weather comes and then we will officially have a spare room.

well people i am sure i have bored you all to sleep so i wil P O Q and go have my shower . take good care of yourselves. xx love ya cocox