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Thursday, December 31, 2009

new year..new opportunities..new adventures!!

well as you can see i am back on the paris trail again, i have been surfing the net for images and information on paris and her treasures. as you are aware i love the work of toulouse-lautrec , i hope the spelling is ok . he seemed to paint from knowledge of an area in paris that i believe is the red light district called pigalle, the area where many promiscous artists resided. according to the current info most services and naughty activities can be found there. moulin rouge was a big topic of his work and indeed by looking at a lot of his work the colour and images he used reflected what i assume a rather seedy, dark side of paris it must have been. i am no expert but i am facinated by his work and am earnest in learning more. i have views to complete a canvas this year and i would like to express what i find.
well it's new years eve and traditionally for the scots we paaarty tonight. i am not sure what we will do.,i would like to get dressed up and go out for tea and then come home for a few drinks. i have a new bottle of baileys and might make a mess of that perhaps. i have many plans for this year to come and now we have our own place to settle and work on it certainly is a more comforting way to start . tom goes to high school and what a big adventure that will be, he has so much to learn and embrace. i hope it is a fruitful adventure. a few of my friends are starting the year with challenges and i hope the flick over from 2009-2010 will be less stressful and happier time s ahead. reflection is a marvelous tool to realign thoughts and actions . i wish you all a time of reflection and change.
i wish for a year where i am not afraid to meet my challenges, take some risks and live a bit more. i hope it is a happy year with great memories and a body and mind which is healthier and more balanced.
don't be afraid to show love, affection, and caring. kiss someone delicious today and hold someones hand for comfort, love and reassurance.
have a great night tonight and a fantastic year to my friends all over this great land. i love you xx

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

new laptop

hello blogettes,

i am typing one handed with my new laptop. thanks to a govt refund of stamp duty on our house dave kindly took me shopping. it is lovely. must try some photos etc. baby steps....

took some items back to target today and sorted that out. have commenced the gargantous task of setting my study up in half the space i had lol. anyhoo i will have to make sure i am creative with my space as well as my supplies. hopefully by the end of 2010 i will have a studio and problem will be solvered. have to use some of my gear and not replace it for a while. now there is a challenge. i have such plans for a new canvas this year. i won't say anything else other than ...well no hints..i am excited. tim will love it!!

well dave is off to fire up the bbq for tea. i am a bit peckish so will go and help xxx hope your break is going well and i am sending my love to those near and far. one darling friend is facing some challenges and i am sending my love and support. you know who you are , i love you so....much. keep smiling that gorgeous smile xxx

Friday, December 25, 2009

well almost over for 2009...

hi there one and all,

had a great day , very relaxing , postponed lunch till dinner then very relaxed. Tom has come low wit the cold but had a lovely play day, he asked for hot custard for tea which means he is feeling poorly. Plenty of food for the next couple days. Feel very blessed for that knowing a lot of people have not got any.

Got some great seat covers for the Goddess, though she needs a wash and a vac. I got ani-pod, murder book and clothes when i went to Adelaide the other week. My Size- was a big bill!! oops

Well settling in with some baileys on ice and will try to upload a photo. Might go to Harvey Normans tomorrow with a view to buy a laptop , we will see. I might be too hungover- oops again.

Hope you all had a beautiful days with you and yours. lots love coco and the boys xx love to my friends far away who i wouls love to hold and tell them i love them. you all know who you are. xx

Monday, December 21, 2009


Howdy, Hello, Guten Tag,

It has been a real long time since I have been in Blogland. So...much has happened. We have sold a house, bought a house and finally left the rental house, cleaned, weeded, and vacated.!!

Our new house is older than we have had previous so a few renovations are in order. However, all in good time. Tom has a new bed and has picked two shades of green for his new room. He is all set up with new bookcase, t.v, ps2(mandatory) and all his treasures. I wish i was eleven again!!

We have been so very busy and tired and sore but finally we are in the house and just sorting. Still throwing things away..do i need three more t shirts that have seen better days?? NO ..out!!

Sandie kindly surprised us with a working visit. My guardian angel helped us finalise the house and generously unpacked my kitchen area , hall cupboard and gracefully hung shirts with Dave. Oh and left darling little letters all over the place which i am finding..thanks honeyxx

Tom has completed Primary school, he couldn't wait for the year to be over. We have organised books and uniform for next year and now I am banned from mentioning school till the end of January..again I wish i was eleven again!!

For those of you I haven't spoke to in a while, Thomas went to Adelaide to be presented with an award of commendation for his efforts in the Commonwealth Essay Competition. He was entered into it whilst a student at Sunrise Naracoorte. We are ever so proud and had a lovely night and caught up with the Francis family as darling Kimberley won an award of commendation also. Well done honey.!! It was quite posh and of course Dave knew the guest speaker through work, a politician who presented the awards. I won't do him the dis-service of getting his name incorrect but spoke about meeting HRH Queen Elizabeth 2 in the United Kingdom. Quite interesting fellow.
I have met a couple of people towards the end of the year. It has been a bit of a slow, lonely transition for me. Thankyou to all my friends from all over Oz for keeping me propped up and my interent life has kept my finger on the pulse , thankfully.

My darling friend form Whyalla, Denise is currently undergoing treatment for a malignant tumour in her thyroid. She is currently in isolation form her family. It is a tough time and please pray for her as she is going for a full body scan on 23rd of December to establish if all other areas are clear. She is truly one of my dearest friends and I am praying and wish ing for the best results. Love ya Neeciexx

I am notsending any Christmas cards . please don't be offended.I will try to get a letter out in January with an update, change of residential address too, all those important things but just getting to Christmas has been very busy as you all well can imagine.

As well as seeing PINK this year the three of us were lucky enough to go see GREENDAY on the 6th December in Adelaide. It was quite honestly the best ever concert. I have been to a few in my day but the energy and music were bloody fantastic. I just LLLOOOVVEE Billy Joe Armstrong and if I could pretend I was fifteen for a minute I would say something like.. i wanna marry him , he is HOT, Damn HOT!!! I had a ball, I cannot however share any pictures as they wouldnt let my camera in!! Don't go there.

I bought the $40.00 dollar program so I could have some pics. Yes $40.00 , well bloody worth it though. Oh and by the way Dave and Tom the program is MINE!! Tom got a t-shirt and Dave and I got a hat too.Expensive evening but... EXCELLENT!!

WEll I will sign off for now as I have to wrap a present I have just discovered. Ys it is fun moving..NOT @.

I will blog more next year than this year and I promise Scraperlicious Girls that I will catch up on my challenges I PROMISE!!