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Monday, October 19, 2009

tinkle tinkle it's me!!

Hi there bloggers,

Sorry it has bben a while. I have been off the boil , I hven't felt like being in the blog world . I cleared my blog and actually was going to give it all a miss but, the head drugs are starting to kick in and i am venturing back to the real world again(i hope) .

We are in the very long, nervous journey of buying and selling houses in two different states which is not all that much fun to be honest. Anyway keep your fingers crossed for a seamless time and transfer.
I won't bore you with all the details however if we get this house i have been promised a studio of sorts and so...here's hoping.
Tom is just counting down till the big holidays, he hates school and can't wait for the new challenges of the new year. He acts very brave but i know my little boy and he is putting on a brave face.
Dave is busy, busy , busy...he is flying out top Mackay for a conference soon, i will be on my own with Tommy for about five days. Lots of time to pack and not cook too much hopefully.

I am in the process of making cards for the school fete...yes i am a sucker!! I have promised thirty, not my six by six cards but smaller simpler ones. I am up to nineteen!! Not that far to go.
Well my lovlies . I will pop some photos on in the next couple of days, probably my cards so you can see them. No laughing ... . I hope you are all happy and creative. It's kinda strange to be back but here's to the groove.
xxx coco